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Stewarts Coaches

SMART a newly launched commuter service that runs from Slough Train Station, along the Bath Road trading estate, servicing USB, Lonza, O2 Telefonica UK and Ipsen businesses. It is registered/ open to the public at a return ticket price of £6. Vehicles are fitted with Ticketer ticketing system, authorised users are issued with a smart travel card (itso), Wi-Fi and visual and audio passenger information displays.

Following directly on from our six year contract with Telefonica UK in 2018 the service has been extended to include three more Global companies located on the trading estate in Slough. To increase Slough’s attractiveness as a key location for business the local authority undertook the construction of a Bus Mass Rapid Transit route to enable employees to make sustainable transit choices, succeeding in a complex period of negotiation with the four businesses and the local council Stewarts Coaches Ltd secured the contract for the new service.

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